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Bed Bug Control & Eradication

If you have bed bugs in your home or business, the only thing on your mind will be getting rid of them as quickly as possible. Bed bugs stay close to a food source, so are found where people tend to rest and sleep, hence the name 'bed bug'. The frustration they can cause is not only due to the emotional stress of dealing with parasites, but also the irritation of their bites and the potential for secondary infection from constant scratching.

There has been a recent resurgence of bed bugs in homes & hotels biting people at night. It is widely thought that this is related to a global increase in international travel (bed bugs are known to travel in luggage or clothing). Here at M.E.S, we understand how distressing bed bugs can be. 

Whilst insecticidal spray treatments certainly work against bed bugs, we also offer heat treatments, also supplied with a full guarantee. These treatments are more expensive than traditional spray treatments but where bed bugs need eradicating immediately such as in hotels etc, then the heat treatment method may be preferable. 

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Signs of Bed Bugs

Below are some common signs that can help you spot a bed bug infestation;

  • Bites - Bed bugs are active mainly at night and usually bite people while they are sleeping. Many people don't notice bites until the morning.

  • Bed bug fecal stains - Small dark brown stains around the edges of your mattress & headboard. 

  • Blood stains - Blood spots on bed linen & sheets may be an indication of a bed bug infestation. Regularly check you linen before washing.

  • Sightings - The most common sign of a bed bug infestation is of course, seeing them. This can prove difficult as bed bugs as generally nocturnal.

If you have spotted any of the signs mentioned, we recommend acting quickly to ensure the potential infestation doesn’t spread any further. It is difficult to identify bed bugs just from their bites. In fact it is hard to recognise a bed bug bite from any other insect bite. 

The good news is that bed bugs have not been shown to transmit any disease and their actual bites do not hurt. However, getting bites can still be very distressing and in some cases they can become sore and itchy and lead to a painful skin rash and potentially secondary infection.


Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs

Our RSPH qualified technicians can help protect your home & family by providing fast, discreet, effective targeted Bed Bug control solutions. Get in touch today to arrange one of our technicians visit you property.

Solutions to Eradicating Bed Bugs

Completely resolving a bed bug problem can only realistically be achieved by enlisting the help of pest control professionals. As treating bed bugs is a complex process and if not done thoroughly may lead to an infestation returning. We offer a selection of professional treatments for bed bugs which are specifically designed to eliminate these pests.


If you have spotted any of the signs above, you should arrange for professional treatments to get rid of bed bugs quickly. Call us today on 0800 107 8741 and have a chat with one of our trained staff members for more advice & to get your quote.

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