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Commercial Pest Management

As one of the regions leading commercial pest control companies, M.E.S can help safeguard your brand reputation and operations, by provide the highest levels of risk management, reassurance and local responsiveness to customers across multi-site and single site locations.

M.E.S pest control services help to protect your business against a wide variety of pests. We have been protecting commercial properties including schools, showrooms, warehouses, restaurants, shopping centres, offices, food processing plants and sports stadiums and arenas.

Whether it's a few mice, fouling from nuisance birds or an entire infestation of bed bugs, our pest management programmes focus on helping your business meet exacting standards for health, safety and cleanliness, helping to protect your reputation.
With many industries requiring a ‘zero tolerance’ to pests, our removal and control programmes are tailored to protect your business and your customers from pest related problems and diseases.

Our RSPH qualified specialists provide fast, effective and targeted solutions. Get in touch with us today on 0800 107 8741 to arrange a site survey or get a quotation.

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2. Survey

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3. Treatment

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4. Aftercare

We'll make as many visits as required until your problem is resolved


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Pest identification


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Integrated Pest Management 

By following the principals of Integrated Pest Management and proven pest control methods, we will guarantee early detection, detailed monitoring and precise treatment to manage your pest issues as effectively as possible. Every pest service and solution we offer your business is carried out by British Pest Control Association (BPCA) qualified specialists.

Our unrivaled expertise enables us to support even the most complex supply chains and operational networks, with consistently high quality service. Whilst focusing on business needs on a local level, recognising the importance of building long-term relationships between local businesses and our local pest control teams.

M.E.S aim to find chemical-free solutions to pest control problems by implementing IPM methods, where these are both feasible and advantageous. We will work together to correct conditions and change environments that are enabling pests to flourish.

Solutions For Businesses

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M.E.S provides innovative solutions to help businesses by offering:

  • Trend analysis - The ability to spot trends & an oversight of pest activity with recommendations from our experts.

  • Paperless invoices - We provide a free & environmentally friendly approach to billing that reduces your paper footprint.

  • M.E.S key accounts - Clients have access to support 24/7, same day call-outs & discounted rates.

  • Pest prevention plans - Complete pest control for businesses across the North West. Our all inclusive contracts offer a range of tailored solutions that cover pests such as rodents & Public Health insects that may affect your business.

  • FlexiPlan pest control - 'FlexiPlan' offers great flexibility for smaller businesses and new business start-ups, searching for low cost and effective pest control contracts.

Call us today on 0800 107 8741 and have a chat with one of our trained staff members for more advice & arrange your survey.

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