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PVC Curtains


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PVC Strip Curtains

Pigeons, gulls, starlings & other birds can enter your site via shutter doors that require to be left open for operational purposes. Once inside, birds can start nesting & will quickly become a nuisance flying around the building. 

M.E.S offer made-to-measure strip curtains. These allow traffic between workspaces & the outside but deny pests & birds access. Nuisance birds can cause considerable damage including;

  • Damage stock, equipment & vehicles with their droppings. They frequently foul entrances and walkways, which can become dangerously slippery.

  • If disturbed or feel under threat, birds are prone to attack people, especially during the breeding season when they are defending their young.

  • Become a health hazard, by spreading diseases such as Ornithosis, E.Coli and Salmonella.

Many species of bird are protected so identifying the type of bird is essential. Our bird specialists are experienced in dealing with pest birds on your premises. 

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Benefits of Installing PVC Strip Curtains


Whether you need to control starlings in the city or country, our bird specialist can help find the right solution for you.

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Our trained engineers provide safe & effective installation of plastic strip curtains. If you feel that you may benefit from strip curtains then get in touch with us today on 0800 107 8741 for your free quotation. 

  • Isolate Noise - Another benefit of strip curtains is that they reduce noise. This means that the careful positioning of strip curtains in your warehouse or factory can isolate noisy areas and increase your workers’ well-being.

  • Reduce Pests - Pests can be a real problem for some sectors, such as the food sector where pests can cause spoilage. Thankfully, strip curtains can reduce this problem. This is because strip curtains create an excellent barrier against pests such as flies, birds, and mosquitoes.

  • Transparent - Another benefit of strip curtains is that your employees can see what’s on the other side of them, thus reducing accidents and collisions. Also, because strip curtains let in the light, your employees can enjoy natural sunshine while they work.

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