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Cockroach Control

Like most pests, cockroaches are in constant search of food and shelter. Places with sanitation problems are more likely to become infested. Another important condition is water access, so indoor leaks are also likely to attract the attention of the creepy crawlies. If your neighbours have an infestation, it can easily spread to your property as well. Cockroaches can also infiltrate your premises through infested luggage or furniture.

Cockroaches are very tough insects and their ability to breed rapidly makes professional treatment essential to control any infestation. Only expert products and solutions are powerful enough to eliminate all stages of their lifecycle.

If you have noticed an unpleasant, lingering odour under sinks, behind appliances or in store cupboards, it’s time to check for signs of cockroaches.

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Species of Cockroach

There are four common cockroach species in the UK; German, oriental, American & brown-banded.

The German cockroach is the UK’s most common type of cockroach – it will eat almost anything, including leather, books, packaging and plastic. A pair of German cockroaches can produce 10,000 offspring in a year and infestations are often at their worst in the summer months.

It is often easier to spot signs of a cockroach problem than the actual insect pest. Cockroaches are mostly nocturnal, during the day they prefer to stay hidden in cracks and crevices, coming out to feed mostly at night time. Should you be spotting cockroaches during the day then this is usually a sign that you have a rather severe infestation and acting immediately is a must. When dealing with any cockroach infestation, hygiene standards must remain high throughout the treatment process.

Cockroaches are attracted to all types of food available in your home. They will eat anything from foods, paper, packaging, plastics and fabrics to animal matter (i.e. hamster and rabbit droppings). If you suspect a problem in your home or business there are some simple ways to tell if have cockroaches.

Below are some common signs that can help you spot a cockroach infestation;

  • Unusual smell - An established cockroach infestation produces a lingering and unpleasant odour that taints items they contact.

  • Cockroach droppings - If little water is available cockroaches will produce brown/black cylindrical droppings, approx. 2mm long.

  • Smear marks - If water is abundant cockroaches will produce brown and irregular shaped smear marks. Check for marks on horizontal surfaces and at wall-floor junctions where cockroaches scuttle along.

  • Shed skins - Cockroaches shed skins 5-8 times as they mature to adults. These shed skins are usually found close to where the cockroaches are sheltering.

Solutions to Eradicating Cockroaches

Our RSPH qualified technicians provide safe, effective solutions to get rid of cockroaches using industry-leading treatments. If you have spotted any of the signs above, you should arrange for professional treatments to get rid of cockroaches quickly.

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