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Flea Control & Eradication

Fleas are extremely common in the UK. They find it hard to compete against insecticides, however these insects can live without food for several months and are naturally unable to lay eggs until they have a blood feed (from a cat or dog). They often live in carpets, pet bedding and other cracks and crevices around the house.

Eggs are often attached to carpet and fabric fibres. They are strongly attached by the female to these strands so even thorough vacuuming is unlikely to remove eggs from a property.


Fleas can cause huge disruption and embarrassment in a home or office & the last thing you want when entertaining guests is to be attacked be Fleas.

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Common Flea Signs

The most common sign of a Flea problem is their irritating bites. Bites are usually around the ankles and lower leg. If they have infested a bed or sofa it is to be expected that they will bite any part of the body.

Fleas tend to lay their eggs where there are less vibrations, meaning particular attention should be paid to perimeter areas of your property.

Pets can come into contact with cat and dog Fleas, leading to Flea infestations in properties. If you have concerns about an infestation of Fleas, you can look for these signs:

  • Can you see Fleas crawling on your pet’s coat? They are normally reddy-brown and about 2mm long.

  • Check the hind-quarters of your dog or the head and neck of your cat. These are the areas that are targeted and where you might see signs of Flea activity.


  • Carefully look at your pet’s skin for fine black droppings. This is ‘Flea dirt’ or adult Flea faeces and looks like ground black pepper. A good way to spot it is to use a Flea comb over a sheet of white paper, which makes it easier to see the small black specks.


  • Another sign of a potential Flea problem is flea dirt on pet bedding, carpets or rugs.

M.E.S Flea Solutions

We offer a selection of professional treatments for Fleas which are specifically designed to eliminate these pests. We have successfully treated thousands of infestations. Because of this we are the preferred pest control company for total Flea control and eradication.

Our BPCA certified Technicians provide safe, effective solutions to get rid of Fleas using industry-leading treatments.

If you have spotted any of the signs above, you should arrange for professional treatments to get rid of Fleas quickly.

Get in touch with one of our trained staff members today for more advice & to get your quote.


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