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Protect Your Solar Panels

We fully understand what a nuisance pigeons are when roosting and nesting under your solar panels, we will remove your pigeon problem and prevent the early morning wake up calls. 


By installing a barrier of mesh around the perimeter of the solar panels using drill-free clips, we prevent the pigeons from entering the underside of the panels. Without the shelter of the solar panels, the pigeons will have no choice but to leave your roof in search of a new area to roost. We source the highest quality materials and all the parts of our proofing system have been hot-dip galvanised to prevent the steel from corroding giving longevity to your install. 


Our technicians follow a four-stage process to proof your solar panels. All work comes with a 5-year guarantee. Call us on 0800 107 8741 to discuss with experts, solar mesh systems that will deter pest birds from your premises without harming them.

Our installation technicians carry out a four-stage process in order to bird-proof your solar panels.

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Image by Jadon Kelly
Why Your Panels Need Protecting

Over time the activity of the birds can and will damage the panels and fittings, and see a significant build-up of corrosive pigeon mess on the panels and under them. This often results in insects such as carpet beetle & biting bird mites, associated with their nests, entering your property, which can be an expensive problem to deal with effectively.

And then there is the noise they make, which can drive even the calmest of us to distraction! What the solar panel installers don't tell you when they're putting your panels in place, is that the necessary gap between your solar panels and the roof creates an ideal sheltered nesting location for birds. The solution is to stop pigeons getting under your solar panels permanently.

Get in touch with us today on 0800 107 8741 for more information. We will need to know how many panels are on your roof and what the site access is like. In most cases, we won't even need to visit your property to give you a quote.


A biocide is carried out to kill all bacteria associated with pigeons. An insecticidal spray is carried out to kill associated insects, such as; Mites & carpet beetle.


All birds are removed from under the panels, along with eggs/nests/associated debris.  

Guano is cleaned down and all gutters are cleared of any mess and build-up from the birds.


Galvanised mesh is affixed to the perimeter of the solar panels.

We use specifically designed clips that latch on the underside of the panel - meaning no drilling is required at any stage.


All waste & materials are removed from site. The roof is cleaned down a final time. Gutters and windowsills are wiped down. Ground areas are swept and garden furniture re-positioned.

“  We were sick of the birds waking us up in the morning and making a mess of the patio below. M.E.S were almost half the price as the firm that installed our solar panels and did an excellent job. If anything, the panels look better with the mesh on!  5/5 ”

— Mr Hugh, Manchester