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Heat Treatments


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Heat Treatments

Heat treatments are a chemical-free method of pest control used to treat bed bugs by raising the temperature of an affected room. It reaches deep into all areas of an infestation without causing damage to the items being treated, including furniture and fabrics.

This versatile, mobile system delivers dry transferable heat using Far Infrared Rays (FIR) to treat insect infestations quickly and effectively without chemicals, and is particularly suitable for establishments such as hotels, guest houses, holiday lets, care homes, museums, healthcare facilities, bakeries, student accommodation and other food businesses, domestic properties or any business dealing with clothing, fabrics and furnishings.

Our heat treatment technology has been used for the control of insect problems in almost any situation from flour mills, bakeries, and other food factories, to bed bugs in hotels, aircraft and private homes, to wood worm treatments in houses and of course kiln services for ISPM 15.

All heat treatments come with a full eradication guarantee for your peace of mind.

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Benefits Of Using Heat

The benefits that a heat treatment can deliver include:

  • Minimal disruption - a single, fast and efficient treatment which eliminates pest insects (typically within half a day) and is effective against pest problems such as textile pests, bed bugs and cockroaches.

  • Protects your business reputation - as pest problems are rapidly, effectively and thoroughly eliminated, ensuring infestation are promptly managed and contained.

  • Chemical-free process - allows treated items to be re-used quickly afterwards, with no residual side effects.

  • Minimised costs – mattresses, furniture, rugs, fabrics and furnishings can be treated, saving you the costs of disposal and replacement.

Trained M.E.S specialists will conduct a thorough site assessment to ensure suitability of location and items to be treated and will then recommend the most effective treatment approach.

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How Does It Work

Insects, just like us, are made up of proteins. Even enzymes are proteins and the nature of that protein, and its DNA determines its place and function in the body.

When a cell is heated up to around 45°C or more, that DNA starts to break down and so the cell ceases to function as it should.

In laboratory studies, you will see all sorts of claims for percentage kill rates of various species of insect for various times and temperatures. But to deliver full control, you need a target temperature of 50°C for two-hours or 52°C for one-hour. This need to be on the insect and not just in the room or environment being treated.

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