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Protecting Your Home

Finding pests in your home can be very distressing. Home is where you relax, eat, sleep and make memories with you family. Pests can spread disease in their search for food and shelter, posing health risks particularly in kitchens and food storage areas. Rodents and insects can cause other problems, so taking action to eliminate them as quickly as possible is important as they can:

  • Damage property, including; pipes, doors, floorboards & they shred soft items for nesting.

  • Contaminate foodstuffs as pathogens in their urine & faeces can transmit diseases.

  • Rodents cause damage that can endanger as they gnaw to squeeze through gaps & control their incisors, including chewing electrical wiring in premises & vehicles that can lead to fire risks.

Check for common signs of pests which will help identify a problem early, ensuring that quick and effective treatment can occur as soon as possible. Our certified specialists provide fast, effective and targeted pest control solutions.

Ensure Your Home Stays Pest Free

Our BPCA certified technicians provide safe, effective solutions to get rid of all pests, using industry-leading treatments. One of the quickest and most effective ways to control any pest is with pesticides. We have a large selection of pesticides suitable for use indoors and out, in a wide variety of formulations too. Pesticides are used as part of a planned programme of anti–pest activity and regular monitoring. Occasionally, you may need multiple visits to combat an infestation. We'll put a schedule of visits in place designed to effectively take care of your pest problem with the minimum of disruption.

We believe that prevention is better than cure & we always aim to deny Pests access into your property as opposed to simply killing them once they're in.

Call us today on 0800 107 8741 and have a chat with one of our trained staff members for more advice & to get your quote.

“Saw a couple of Rats in the garden, so called the pest control. Managed to do the trick over a few visits. Happy with the service.”

— John, Stockton Heath

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